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Huobi exchange is an Asian crypto exchange, started in 2013. Being one of the largest platforms for trading digital assets within Asia, the exchange enjoys a large user base. Along with that, it offers great perks to the users such as high liquidity, huge trading volume, competitive exchange rates, and more.


Although the exchange started its operation from Beijing, China, it soon shifted its offices in Miami and begun providing its services under the name of Huobi Global, making itself available to almost every part of the world.


What makes this exchange worth considering is its reliability and security of its platform. With that, it also has its own native token called Huobi Token. Using this token for making transactions within the platform, one can achieve huge rewards.


Huobi exchange is a very old platform and has been around since the development of exchanges wasn’t this huge. Sticking around from that time, the platform has achieved huge recognition in terms of trust. It was successfully able to secure investments from established names with its promising goals. A lot of companies including the venture capital industry such as Sequoia invested in its operations.

Currently, Huobi Global is a big company that has employed over 1,300 professionals around the globe. Hence, it is able to make its services reachable to over 130 nations.

So, let us find out about the various features and perks the exchange offers through this Huobi review. Lets's just get started already.

How the Huobi exchange works?

Huobi is a very renowned exchange and offers many advantages to its users. With a trading fee as low as 0.2%, it has other offers on the list too, from time to time. Hence, if you are eager to know how this platform works, why not take a peek into its operation. You would be stunned to see how easy it is to start your first trade on Huobi exchange. And, may start wishing you didn’t consider the exchange before.

So, without wasting any more time, let us skip directly to the important steps:

  • The first thing you would need is an account with Huobi exchange. This is simple and won’t take a lot of time. You may have created an email address before. Just fill up some information with the correct email address and mobile number and you are already signed up before you know it.

  • Next, you must take some time to verify your account. Start with login and click on your profile photo at the top right corner. You will find a dropdown menu. Select the verification tab from that menu and enter your complete name, photo of your government-issued ID, and all other important details.

  • After you click verify, the account would be processed for the same. It does not take any more than a complete day to get this over with. Either you can choose to stay with Level 1 verification which does not require your ID, or go with the level 2 verification where you must provide a legal ID accepted by the platform. In the latter case, you will be eligible for extra perks.

  • Once you are done with the complete verification process, you can start buying bitcoin and other cryptos. There are various payment methods available to make transactions for your chosen crypto including credit card payments.

  • Later, you just have to select the trading pair and go with either market order (executed right away) or limit order (executed when the set requirements are met).

Features of Huobi

Let us find out what makes Huobi so adorable among its users. With great features, Huobi offers promising prospects to its users. Aren’t you excited to know how?

Wide Array of Trading Pairs: How about if I say you can transact with different trading pair every time if you do not want to. This is because the platform has a large number of choices pertaining to the trading pairs.

User Protection Plan: Huobi is very diligent about the safety of its users. Hence, it ensures that the funds are protected against thefts and scams. To do so, it channels the profits to the User protection funds which works as the insurance policy for lost assets from users’ accounts.  

Margin Trading: If you are up for the margin trading, how about checking the benefits Huobi offers for margin traders. Find out more on their website. However, one thing is for sure, you would not be disappointed anytime.

24/7 Customer Service: Huobi has been able to perform great at every aspect of its operation, including customer care. Hence, if you need anything, you can contact the customer service experts and your query will be answered in no more than an hour. With such a great user base, it is not easy to have such a short turnaround time. But Huobi does it with ease.


The Conclusion

Whatever you decide, you must experience it for yourself first. However, we do know that Huobi is one of the safest trading platforms that you can trust. Not just the lowest trading fee or the support for a huge number of cryptos, the exchange is popular for its safety and insurance protection that it caters to the users. Along with two-factor authentication, you will find a lot of other ways that Huobi employs to protect its platform from cybercriminals. Hence, you can definitely try this platform before you go by someone else’s word for it.

  • Charges a flat interest rate from takers as well as makers of 0.2%

  • You can buy bitcoin using the credit cards

  • App option for IOS as well as Android mobile users

  • Margin trading available

  • High liquidity

  • 24 by 7 customer support available

  • The information in English is minimal

Quick Bites

Compare with Other Top Exchange​


  • Uses 2-factor authentication for approvals

  • Withdrawal requests are accomplished faster than most of the popular platforms.

  • Locking altcoins get users huge benefits.

  • A mobile app is also available for ios and android users.

  • Instead of charging interest, makers are paid a 0.05% fee for placing trades

  • A very reliable exchange with plenty of options to trade with. 


  • You can trade from multiple trading platforms

  • All you need is $50 in your account to start trading

  • The customer care is available 24 by 7

  • Offers margin trading

  • The platform is highly secure and safe for users.

  • Supports huge number of cryptocurrency trading


  • Binance has the highest trading volume almost daily

  • Supports a huge number of digital assets and trading options

  • Offers multiple payment methods

  • Fastest resolution from the customer service

  • Has its own BNB token with perks for users who owns it and use it for transactions.


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