HotBit Review

​Hotbit cryptocurrency exchange was founded in January 2018. Since then the exchange has worked really hard to expand its different crypto coins on its trading portfolio. The company was registered in both Hong Kong and Estonia. Though it is difficult to speculate the roots of the country, some speculate that the company owing the exchange is called Shanghai Gametree Information Technology Co.Ltd, so the exchange is projected to be from China.

The exchange offers a very nice platform that is well designed and intuitive to use and supports major  cryptocurrency.  Through its websites, the company has announced its partnership with MyToken, Block Chainer, Wandarin. Hotbit platform supports almost 6 languages Korean, Thai, Turkish, Russian, English, and Chinese. It has some of the extensive selection of altcoins including many exotic crypto and digital assets.


It has accumulated numerous users from more than 170 countries from all around the world. The Hotbit exchange is basically popular for four things Multicurrency support, High liquidity, customer support, and its secure and Steady environment.


Our review on Hotbit exchange provides you the detail information about what the exchange offers you, and why you should choose Hotbit for cryptocurrency trading.

How the Hotbit exchange works?


To buy and sell cryptocurrency in Hotbit you need to follow the steps mentioned below. It will give an idea about how to work in Hotbit exchange.

  • To start trading with Hotbit exchange you need to first register in the Hotbit websites. You can register from nearly any page on the website, which includes the home page. To register to the exchange you can click to register to the top right corner of the home page. The users will be asked to enter their email ID and agree to the terms and policies of the exchange. To create the account the users will be asked to fill the details like Name, email address, security questions, password, etc. This is basically the first step to sign up in any of the trading exchanges.

  • After completing the details, the code will be sent on your email account, which will be required to activate the account. That means that you can log – into your account to start trading.

  • To verify successfully you need an identify documents, It is basically an optional step. But it needs to be completed in case if the user wants a BTC deposit or funds withdrawal per day.

  • The second step includes the 2FA, if the user wants to enable 2FA then you can do this by download google authenticator. The 2FA will help in increasing the security of the user's account.

  • After setting the 2FA and logging successfully to the account, the user will have to deposit a token for free while using the Hotbit account. To deposit the funds the users will have to move to the top right corner of the website. 

  • Once the trading account has enough funds the users will be ready to trade. Different exchanges have different trading views, but out of all the exchanges, the trading view of Hotbit is the best. The users can determine that at once by entering the website. Similar to the other website the exchange view normally have in common is the order book, price chart, chosen cryptocurrency, and trade history. The exchange also has the indicators that will help in maximizing the profits and lowering down the chances of loss.

  • The trading in Hotbit is done through the Exchange page. To trade with the cryptocurrency, you have to choose the crypto trading pair that is found on the left side of the page. Before you choose any crypto exchange, it is important that it suits you and is according to your need.



Features of Hotbit

Trading fees – Hotbit is quite competitive when it comes to the trading fees, the exchange offers different trading fees from the takers and makers. It charges the takers with 0.20% of the order value, but then if you are the maker in a trade you will be get paid for every trade. The trading fees for the maker is - 0.05% which you get after making a trade. Deposit fees The exchange does not charge any deposit fees from the users. Withdrawal Fees The withdrawal fees of the token and the coins are determined by the network cost. The new users will not be able to withdraw the token for 24 hours of the registration in Hotbit.

Security – Hotbit and offers a very safe and secure environment for the traders. 2FA and multilevel firewall, which makes it more reliable.

Customer support – the exchange offers 24 hours customer support to the users for smooth functioning, If the users have any query the customer can contact customer service staff through any channel such as by submitting a support ticket, through telegram, WeChat group, channel, it has its Twitter account and Facebook account, etc. The exchange promises to provide the best and efficient service to its users.

Liquidity – The liquidity rate of the exchange is quite impressive. Over a period of time, Hotbit has been a constant increase in the liquidity rate. It was rated among the top 20 on the basis of 24 hours trading volume.



The Conclusion

The exchange is new in the market as compared to the other crypto exchange. But the Hotbit has great potential and features to be among the best in the industry. Our review on Hotbit is comprised of an introduction, Important key points, working of the exchanges, features of Hotbit, pros and cons, etc. The exchange trading platform is simple and intuitive and offers a good trading view to the users. With trust and reliability, it has gained millions of customers all around the world.

So based on our review, we can say that, it is one of the best exchange that is available in the industry.

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  • It offers 24/7 hours customer support for the smooth functioning

  • The exchange has a very nicely designed platform for the users.

  • The liquidity rate of the exchange is quite impressive.

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  • The exchange does not have any fiat payment options

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Quick Bites

Compare with Other Top Exchange​ logo


  • Binance has the highest trading volume almost daily

  • Supports a huge number of digital assets and trading options

  • Offers multiple payment methods

  • Fastest resolution from the customer service

  • Has its own BNB token with perks for users who owns it and use it for transactions. logo


  • Uses 2-factor authentication for approvals

  • Withdrawal requests are accomplished faster than most of the popular platforms.

  • Locking altcoins get users huge benefits.

  • A mobile app is also available for ios and android users.

  • Instead of charging interest, makers are paid a 0.05% fee for placing trades

  • A very reliable exchange with plenty of options to trade with. logo


  • You can trade from multiple trading platforms

  • All you need is $50 in your account to start trading

  • The customer care is available 24/7

  • Offers margin trading

  • The platform is highly secure and safe for users.

  • Supports huge number of cryptocurrency trading


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