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Know Which Exchanges the best price to buy Bitcoin in the United Kingdom

Find the best exchanges and compare various features including trading volume, fees and more

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  • Binance has the highest trading volume almost daily

  • Supports a huge number of digital assets and trading options

  • Offers multiple payment methods

  • Fastest resolution from the customer service

  • Has its own BNB token with perks for users who owns it and use it for transactions.

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  • You can trade from multiple trading platforms

  • All you need is $50 in your account to start trading

  • The customer care is available 24 by 7

  • Offers margin trading

  • The platform is highly secure and safe for users.

  • Supports huge number of cryptocurrency trading

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  • Uses 2-factor authentication for approvals

  • Withdrawal requests are accomplished faster than most of the popular platforms.

  • Locking altcoins get users huge benefits.

  • A mobile app is also available for ios and android users.

  • Instead of charging interest, makers are paid a 0.05% fee for placing trades

  • A very reliable exchange with plenty of options to trade with. 

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Crypto Exchange - Explained

If you wish to trade cryptos, you must be well aware of crypto exchanges. So, what are cryptocurrency exchanges? For starters, this is the platform that will help you make your first trade. A cryptocurrency exchange facilitates the conversion of one crypto to another, fiat currencies to cryptos, and a wide array of other services. These conversions are carried on as per the listed value of each digital asset needed to buy or sell.

Usually, you can utilize exchanges for two different purposes. One is for making trades for profits. Such as buying at a lower rate and selling when the prices increase. And, another purpose is to exchange one digital asset into another. 

In addition to these services, exchanges are also involved in evaluating the rates of the different cryptocurrencies they provide support for. In order to set values for the cryptos, exchanges consider a few factors. Some of those are listed below.

Traders’ Emotions

Technical Advancements

Global  Decisions


The value of cryptocurrencies is highly determined by human emotions. These reactions and emotions are often the results of current trends and news.  


In the case of unfavorable news, the price of the particular digital asset will come down. However, good news can do the opposite.

The developments and failure to protect the users' digital assets could lead to a change in the price of the cryptocurrencies.


If a new update release for the crypto increases its worth, a successful attempt to hack the digital coin lowers its worth. 

Even if the news is not related to your country of stay, it can make a huge impact on the price of cryptocurrencies. For instance, after Japan declared the Bitcoin acceptance for payments, the prices hiked. 


However, if there is any decision taken in regard to the ban of the bitcoin, the prices will suffer.

The volatility rate is the way the cryptocurrency price change over time. In most of the cases, this rate is quite higher. As digital assets are known to be one of the most volatile options for trading.

The value of cryptos can rise as well as fall suddenly, either earning traders a fortune or taking everything away in the snap of a finger. 

Regular Banking vs Crypto Payments

Before we jump into welcoming cryptos, let us find out why these digital assets are a viable alternative for fiat currency or usual banking solutions. As we already know that cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular with time, let us find out how they offer a ​different solution than the already existing one.

To start with, cryptocurrencies are based on a decentralized network and vouches for a transparent solution. This is not the case with usual banking payments. Through a decentralized system, it means that the digital assets are not managed by any central authority like its the case with the banking payments and fiat currencies. However, there are several nodes connected with each other, and every transaction approval must go green at all these nodes for considering it successful.


Plus, the transactions made using cryptos are maintained on a public ledger giving everyone access to the transactions done while maintaining the secrecy of the private keys, name, and address of the parties involved in the transaction. Hence, it is almost impossible to duplicate the transactions and scam the entire system.

Moreover, the supply is limited to the maximum cap of each cryptocurrency. But this is not the case with fiat currencies. Above all, the transaction fee of cryptos are much lower than that levied on fiat transactions. And, the crypto transactions are faster too. 

regular fiat money transaction description image

Regular fiat transactions

crypto transaction description image

Crypto transactions

Risks of Trading with Cryptocurrencies

Like stock trading, cryptocurrency trading is not all rosy. There are thorns and the sharper ones that one must avoid in order to win profits. While certain situations cannot be avoided, it is always wise to stay informed. Here are few of most common risks you must associate yourself with.

Highly Volatile

The bitcoin price changes quickly and suddenly. Hence, it is highly volatile. The same goes for every other cryptocurrency. The value of each digital asset can completely change in seconds. Easily triggered with market emotions, this could lead to either the bright side or the dead-end. There have been instances to prove the same. 

Acceptance Still Limited

Cryptocurrencies haven't been able to get into the mainstream yet. Not every business accepts bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for payment. Hence, if you even are ready to pay using your owned digital assets, you might not find someone to accept your payment mode.  This is a huge concern and it will still take time until we find more individuals and companies accepting bitcoin in exchange for goods and services.


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